Limelight Networks

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I joined Limelight Networks at an exciting moment in the company’s history. A newly branded website helped launch the rebirth as more than a Content Delivery Network but rather, a leader in Digital Presence Management. The Limelight creative team joined forces with Arizona’s finest design agencies to transform our own Digital Presence.

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Responsive Data

Responsive Data – Corporate Website | Visit Site

Responsive Data is a Mesa-based company specializing in online lead generation for the Independent Marketing Industry. With over a decade of experience, Responsive Data has established itself as the most innovative lead generation company with the inception of its revolutionary real-time lead products.

I’ve been employed with Responsive Data full-time for several years, in addition to creating the custom lead capture pages, back office systems and lead stores, I also redesigned the flagship corporate site. The design emphasizes the many solutions provided by Responsive Data as well as showcasing an impressive portfolio of internally designed websites.

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3-Day Challenge

3-Day Challenge – Landing Page | Visit Site

This capture page required a high conversion rate but also demanded a high quality lead who was serious about about getting started in network marketing industry. Rather than offer incentives and gimmicks we chose to showcase the end-goal in a clean, professional and sophisticated manner. To accomplish this, I focused on The Challenge, rather than the product itself.

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Iron-Fit Training

Travis Doty -  Strongman  Personal Trainer

It’s bad enough having an older brother beating me up since we were kids, now he’s become a personal trainer and the head-locks have started hurting a little more. So to stem the tide of knuckle noogies and wedgies, I thought I’d design him some sweet branding to separate him from the army of muscle heads competing to pump you up.

The ‘olde tyme’ circus bills featured loud type and etched illustrations showing amazing feats of skill. So what better way to stand out in the crowded personal training industry than by replicating an antique circus Strongman poster. I roughed up some paper and went back to the old typefaces and printing styles for this fire-breathing, weight-lifting and NASM certified personal trainer. “Ladies and Gentleman, the One and Only…”

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Fritz Scholder

Fritz Scholder – Official Website | Visit Site

Fritz Scholder was an American Artist (1937-2005) recognized for his insight and powerful commentary on publicly held stereotypes of Native Americans. Years ago, his exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum inspired me to write about his mysterious collection for my High School final exams in art class – fast forward 10 years to when our paths crossed again, this time to help the estate create a timeless web presence showcasing his art to the world.

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