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55 2nd Street, San Francisco – T-shirt Design

When Limelight Networks opened a new office in San Francisco, we decided is was a cause for celebration. What better way to show off the team pride than with custom designed t-shirts. In this design, I blended the high tech look of the Limelight Networks brand with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) map.

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Product and Environmental Mock ups

Realistic Photoshop mock ups are a great way to convey an idea without having to go through the full printing and installation process. It’s important for the mock up to be as believable as possible to distract from the fact that the final product doesn’t actually exist. It takes knowledge of lighting, shading and perspective as well as the vast amount of Adobe Photoshop techniques to accurately create a realistic image.

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It’s a designers dream to create 200mph billboards for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. While a graphic designer for Action Performance (now called Motorsports Authentics) I was able to create a few of the NASCAR and NHRA paint schemes seen by millions of people around the world. My favorite was the standard paint design for the Lowes stock car that went on to win the NASCAR Cup Series 5 times.

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