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Exrtionhp – Logo Redesign / www.exrtion.com

Exrtion Human Performance is a health and fitness facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The staff is more than trainers, they are Engineers in the Improvement of Human Performance. The logo embodies the space where science meets strength.

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Travis Doty -  Strongman  Personal Trainer

It’s bad enough having an older brother beating me up since we were kids, now he’s become a personal trainer and the head-locks have started hurting a little more. So to stem the tide of knuckle noogies and wedgies, I thought I’d design him some sweet branding to separate him from the army of muscle heads competing to pump you up.

The ‘olde tyme’ circus bills featured loud type and etched illustrations showing amazing feats of skill. So what better way to stand out in the crowded personal training industry than by replicating an antique circus Strongman poster. I roughed up some paper and went back to the old typefaces and printing styles for this fire-breathing, weight-lifting and NASM certified personal trainer. “Ladies and Gentleman, the One and Only…”

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