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I still remember the first time one of my designs was professionally printed… it was a mousepad for Dimensional Visions, we printed 1,000 of them under plastic lenticular which is the material used to make things look 3D, kind of like a hologram. I still recall the excitement of seeing boxes full of my work, the feeling that I produced something for the world to see and I definitely recall the fear of not being good enough and the anxiety that I made a mistake.

It’s such a vivid memory because I feel the same way every time my work goes out to the public… AND I LOVE IT! Like any artist, I love the rush of putting a piece of myself out there, declaring to the world all the things that have inspired me and made me who I am. I love learning about a clients vision and helping them bring it to life through good design. I love being challenged by evolving trends and technology and trying to stay one step ahead of what already exists.

My career has taken curious turns since that first mousepad. I’ve done computer animation, multimedia/video, NASCAR paint schemes, large format and vehicle graphics and most recently, web design and html.

The best part about being about being an artist of any kind is the SEARCH for inspiration. I find mine in music, culture and especially in world travel. Many times the inspiration is more interesting than a finished project so I’ve created a blog to show the things I find interesting or how a particular design idea evolved.